Barcelona and Invasions.

Barcelona was nice but nerve-wracking. During the two days I was there two of my travel-mates were pickpocketed on the metro. The first time I was getting on the metro behind Torin when three guys around him started jostling eachother. I thought they were fighting, so I naturally assumed Torin was trying to break up the fight when he had turned around and grabbed one of the guys but then he shouted “which one of you has my wallet?” I was so confused and it happened so fast. I saw his wallet fall to the ground and quickly picked it up. When Torin saw that I had it he let the guy go, but in that split second one of them had already taken the money. I’m just glad Torin had noticed, because he could have lost a great deal more than fourty euros. I wasn’t there for the next incident. Daiki, one of Torin’s flatmates, was getting off the metro when it happend. Even though had his bag infront of him this particular team of pickpockets managed to open the front zipper and grab his passport. He didn’t even notice until he was off the metro. Luckily everything was sorted at the consolate the next day. Things could have been much worse for both of them. I was on high alert my whole time in Barcelona, which was a bit annoying to tell you the truth. Regardless it was still a  beautiful place to see…

The Sagrada Familia was the highlight of my trip. I will not even attempt to tell you about it. When I stepped inside I had to catch my breath. If you go to Barcelona for one reason, it has to be to see this building.

Check it out on wikipedia:

Edinburgh? I could have ended up anywhere!

Alright… so I suppose you are wondering what I was talking about last entry when I mentioned ‘space invaders’. Well, I was referring to these guys whom I found in Paris and Amsterdam:

So, these are the works of “Invader (born 1969) [who] is a French urban artist who pastes up characters from and inspired by the ‘Space Invaders’ game, made up of small coloured square tiles that form a mosaic. He does this in cities across the world, then documents this as an “Invasion”, with books and maps of where to find each invader” … to quote wikipedia: You should check out the website ( I think this is just about the most awesome thing ever. I was constantly on the look out for them, and they are EVERYWHERE. This was an exciting part of my trip, and was disappointed that there were none in Barcelona; it just didn’t feel right.

That’s the end of my trip! It was a superb two weeks, but I was glad to get back home. I now have my flight booked to come back to Kelowna (May 21st… mark your calendars). It’s strange now that my days here are numbered. I only have four more weeks left and so much more to see. I hope I can fit in one last trip to the north of Scotland (Isle of Skye?). We’ll see how studying and money goes. Anyways, it’s Easter Sunday across the world today. I hope you are all having an excellent weekend. I am thinking of you all back home, and how soon it will be until I see you all again.

Best wishes and an excellent Easter. I’ll catch you up next time!



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