A Pretty Poorly Paris.

People say that you fall in love with Paris. I feel like I missed something, because I did not fall in love with Paris. It was a lovely city, don’t get me wrong, but I was happy to leave when I did. It feels like I didn’t do something right… like I didn’t go about getting to know it properly. I didn’t make the instant connection there that I did in Amsterdam. I did, however, enjoy the vast amount of history in Paris. It is a very big city and there is always something to see.


These were teeny traffic lights for bicycles.



These were the kinds of brooms city workers used to sweep the streets.



This is a water fountain if you believe me.



Aright... so when I upload pictures the example to in this caption box is "The Mona Lisa", and I've been waiting all year to do this.... ahem... The Mona Lisa.



This is on a boat. ON A BOAT.


There were souvenire machine in Notre Dame. 😦



Napoleon's apartments. Nap's the man.


Little bed for a little man.





My last day in Paris I was alone (because I am a NOOB and booked my flight on the wrong day). I learned about maps. And creases in maps. Whoever thought that I could be completely hoodwinked by a piece of paper? Luckily I left an extra hour early and found the aiport in time. I do not like travelling alone. I repeat: I do not like travelling alone. I feel like Paris and I need another go. Next time I will rent a bicycle so I don’t get so many blisters and feed myself more than croissants and apples. Paris is expensive, but there is something to be said for the food there. Coming up next is Barcelona and space invaders. Confused? Good. You will have to check out my next entry then.



~ by pseudoscot on April 23, 2011.

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